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Service Description: The Geological Map of Germany 1:1,000,000 (GK1000) represents the surface geology of Germany and adjacent areas. According to the Data Specification on Geology (D2.8.II.4_v3.0) the geological map provides INSPIRE-compliant data. The WMS GK1000 (INSPIRE) contains layers of the geologic units (GE.GeologicUnit), faults (GE.GeologicFault) and marginal position of the ice shield (GE. NaturalGeomorphologicFeature) displayed correspondingly to the INSPIRE portrayal rules. The geologic units are represented graphically by stratigraphy (GE.GeologicUnit.Age) and lithology (GE.GeologicUnit.Lithology). For different geochronologic minimum and maximum ages, e.g. Carboniferous – Permian, the portrayal is defined by the color of the geochronologic minimum age. The portrayal of the lithology is defined by the rock or rock group representing the main part of the lithological composition of the geologic unit. In case of the geologic units the user obtains detailed information via the getFeatureInfo request on the lithology, stratigraphy (age) and genesis (event environment and event process).

Map Name: BGR DEU GK1000 Surface Geology


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